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I have not sewn much lately; I have celebrated the arrival of warm weather by traveling, plein air painting, and gardening instead. Between trips and other forays outdoors, I did finish a small project for some favorite small people, pennants spelling out two children’s names.
I cut pastel stripe and plaid fabrics into triangles, then used iron-on fusible to attach letters in dark blue fabric. I sewed right sides together and, leaving the tops open, turned the triangles and pressed them. I ornamented these with many small snippets of lace, ribbon, and seam binding that I have been storing for years…some inherited from my grandmother and my mother-in-law. A double-folded seam binding finishes the top. I found it was easier to space the triangles if I basted them in position before adding the binding. Here is a handy sewing tip. I threaded a hand-sewing needle and knotted the two ends together to create a double thickness of thread. I stabbed this through the tip of the pennant so I could pull use it to pull the pennant taut as I machine stitched around the sharp corner. Here are some photos.