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I took a class on 3D quilting because I knew the teacher. Class participants machine-quilted fabric to felt. Then we cut, folded, and assembled pieces of this to make masks. When I got home from class, I added painted button eyes. They were a bit alarming, so the work languished on the unfinished projects stack for a while until I thought of solutions to both aesthetic and construction problems.

I needed to support and hang the mask. I cut an oval from foamcore and covered it in a snug sleeve of fabric. This gave me a lightweight rigid support on which I could add a picture hanging wire. I used brads to attach the wire, piercing them through the foamcore/fabric. I pounded the brads open with a hammer, then taped them with acid-free metallic tape on what would become the inside of the structure.

In order to sew the fabric mask to the support, I needed a neat finished edge for the uneven perimeter of the mask. I cut a sturdy, appropriately-colored strip of fabric, folded it in half, and sewed it to the mask. This made a binding that I could attach to the oval foamcore/fabric.

I purchased a cotton mophead. I dyed this the same color as the eyes, then unwound the four ply strands to look like hair … time consuming and messy!

Assembly involved hand-sewing the mask to the support with the hair enclosed in the seam. A curved needle was very helpful.  I entitled the result “Muse”.





I’m still at home, too sick to resume a full schedule, so I was glad to have visitors this morning. The visiting doe and her fawn were in our front yard for at least fifteen minutes. Fawns do the same charming sideways leap that young goat kids do when they play. The word caper comes to mind. I was so entranced with watching the interactions of the two, I did not get the camera out until they were retreating back into the woods. They quietly disappear into the shadows.

I am missing the opening of Quilt National and the SAQA Symposium, but suspect my friends are having a grand time at the event. (Thanks to you Ohio SAQA members who shared their pictures.) I was determined to make good use of the day, so I tackled a box of papers that I have been procrastinating about sorting. I have the small pleasure of having achieved the goal I set for my day.


doe and fawn

Fair Days

I finally got to some county fairs this year. I try to see a few every year because I love the animals who model for photos or drawing. Here are two favorite recent photos. The Scottish highland calf who was showing his adoration of his feeder human and this four-horned sheep which was magnificent.


me with cast

me with cast

Here’s evidence of my latest adventure.
Yesterday, I was leading a hike to a lovely frozen waterfall on a narrow rocky trail with sixteen youngsters following me. I had just demonstrated how to descend an icy slope safely…walk with feet placed at right angles to angle of slope, move slowly and carefully, grasp handy foliage… when down I went. I slid down the short steep incline on my rear end, then hopped up and quipped, “or go down really fast, which I do not recommend.” Very embarrassing. By the time I got back to the lodge my wrist was slightly swollen and starting to ache.
Today I did not really get a diagnosis from the doctor as to whether my left wrist has a break or a sprain, but the treatment is the same, immobilization. I am amazed to be made aware of how many things I do with my non-dominant hand. My newly-applied cast does allow me to type on the keyboard, but it is tiring holding up the weight of the cast over the keyboard.
Life remains full of surprises!


I always learn something when I teach. My high school aged students introduced me to and it’s wonderful fun. Here are a few sample photos. Oh boy…a new way to waste time on the computer!







Naked Stick Blues

I read those three words as the title of a column in the newspaper. The article detailed the author’s depression as the beautiful colors of tree foliage disappeared in November leaving naked sticks of trees. The mood of loss and gloom is heightened by grey skies.
The phrase has been in my head for days now and seems an excellent title for a painting. Here are two of my photos I’m considering as the basis for such a painting.

naked sticks fog

naked stick blues

Thirty Years

Next week will mark thirty years of being married to my best friend, Brian. How blessed I am! Even though we sometimes differ in our tastes and interests, we always support and encourage one another. I would say “Yes.” all over again.