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Artist Studio Tour in Denver

I just got back from attending the Studio Art Quilt Associates Conference in beautiful Denver, Colorado. My head is spinning with ideas. Yesterday I organized the artist’s business cards that I had gathered, attaching each to a 8.5″ x 11″ paper and making notes. Today I began reviewing what I learned in the workshop sessions. That triggered some sorting of old files into which I’ll integrate the new information. Infused with more energy than I have had in weeks, I’m resuming work on building the design wall in my home studio.


A Room of my Own

Everyone needs one: a place to think and be creative that is away from the demands of other people and tasks. My husband has his Mancave and I have Terry’s lair — my studio. When I enter, my time is my own and my thoughts are mine alone. If you don’t have a special place of your own, I highly recommend you create one. By regularly spending time alone in my space, I am recharged emotionally and ready to reenter the world and take up my family and social obligations with renewed energy and a positive attitude.


I’m working on clearing my studio in preparation for building a design preview/photo backdrop wall. To accomplish this, I am spending time going through boxes of papers. I found the first print I ever purchased from the junior high era of my life– of a small cubist-style painting (Jacques Villon, 1941, The Kitchen Garden a la Brunie) from the Cleveland Museum of Art with seafoam green, lilac, and pale coral — colors that I recall were my favorite crayon choices in grade school. It has delicious brushwork, soft-edged overlaps of light colors over darker linear elements. I still like it. But the real nostalgia was uncovering drawings in marker by my children when they were preschoolers and in kindergarden. What delightful spontaneity, pure drawing of what you know instead of what you see. I think there is value in this brief trip down memory lane, but I’m still trying to identify exactly what that value is.