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A Few Minutes of Fame

front pages

front pages

I was flattered to be chosen for a human interest profile by our local newspaper editor. But when the article came out on Tuesday January 21, 2014 in both the Ashland Times-Gazette and the Loudonville Times, I was surprised by the front page placement. I received a flurry of attention, many compliments on the article, and a phone call which may lead to opportunities to give presentations and teach classes. The article focused on the reaction to one of my chosen media, fiber art and featured a quote, “I kind of take for granted the art process I use, linking disparate ideas and using multiple techniques, but others have told me it is unique.”

I provided a photo for the article. My daughter, who has been uncomfortable with looking at her image larger than life-size, will be amused to see the close-up of my hand sticking a needle in her eye is the front page picture!

applique in progress

applique in progress


Hanging out with Painters


peacock at Kingwood

I’ve had lovely times recently hanging out with painters. Saturday I joined a paint-out with the Ohio Plein Air Society. We were at Kingwood Center, a 17-acre garden in Mansfield, Ohio, that is open to the public. The group met in the parking lot at 9 socialize over coffee and doughnuts, then dispersed to find painting spots. We reassembled at 2 p.m. for a critique. A great day! Monday night the two-hour meeting of the North Central Ohio Portrait Artist Group was a painting session. Our male model was decked out in pirate gear. The costume was so great I wished I had time to do a full-length portrait; two hours was barely enough time to render a respectable head and shoulders view. Again, a delight for me was seeing the multiple ways different artists depicted the same subject. Some drew only the face, some included the shoulders and torso, some portraits were softly blended, others were crisp images, media included watercolor, oil, and pastel, and each artist was seated to have a slightly different viewpoint. Art-making is often a solitary pursuit, but the experience is enriched when is a shared adventure.

Praise for Routine

Chessie cat needs a home

I recently have had many changes to the routines of my life forced upon me. I am working hard to figure out what will be my new normal.  Useful no-brainer tasks like folding laundry and hand washing dishes allow my mind to run free and meditate…on the inevitability of change…on the joy of kindnesses by friends…on the durability of family connections. Right now I need more mindless routine so that I can catch up with the processes of reordering my priorities and revising my to-do lists.

This past weekend, I treated myself to a refreshing field trip. I loved volunteering at the SAQA information booth at the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati, OH. I met several other art quilters and filled my brain with inspiration by looking at both art and traditional quilts. What a privilege to go to this event.

SAQA Parlour Meeting

I had a delightful day Saturday at a Parlour Meeting of folks in Ohio who are members of Studio Art Quilt Associates. We shared some munchies, had a lengthy show and tell, and exchanged information informally. I was energized and inspired by the meeting. I drew out several new ideas when I got home. None of my ideas resembled anything I had seen; they were inspired simply by the fact that other talented people are making interesting work and I want to be more artistically productive.

Still working

I’m still working on the project that is the main example for my presentation to the Ohio SAQA meeting and I’m having a ball doing so. Making a fiber art piece is slow compared to painting, but richer in textural possibilities. I treated myself to shopping trips to buy fabric markers and some new metallic threads. Here are a few pictures as a sneak preview to the slide show.fiber art project


I spent much of the day today watching the history channel and reliving all the emotions of years ago when I first learned of the attack on the towers at the heart of New York city. It is a true story of awful hate and destruction and of admirable heroism. I cried a bit and felt compelled to call some friends that I had not spoken to in a long time.

Tomorrow I’m treating myself to a field trip to the Butler Institute of American Art in Youngstown, Ohio with some fellow artists. It is the opening of a show entitled “Inspiring Figures: American Women & Figurative Art”. I spent several hours enjoying the museum website information on art in the permanent collection and I can hardly wait to see the actual art. I’ve downloaded my maps and put them in my purse…I’m ready! American flag

keeping an idea hot

I spoke to a fellow artist a few days ago. We discussed the benefits of sharing ideas with our artistic peers. What came to my mind as we conversed was an artist I knew who would never talk about his current work. He felt that describing his art concept in words diluted his energy for expressing that idea as a visual image. I have been considering that idea and testing it. I think it may be true for me. In order to keep my idea hot, I’m trying to keep my mouth shut about my current work until either it is completed or I am stalled and need fresh ideas. You may wish to test this for yourself: I’d love to know whether you believe this is true for the way you work.