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Porch Babies

I’m out and about again, feeling better. Picking strawberries and back to weeding the yard and garden. I found another vacated rabbit nest when I weeded under the apple tree.

While mama Phoebe was out foraging this morning, I peeked at her peeps. They are living on top of the ceiling fan on my front porch. I only look once a week. Four weeks ago I saw 5 tiny pale eggs laid, then there were two weeks of incubation with mama present almost all the time. They hatched last week – a mass of pink and grey that was uncountable. Today all babies look healthy, beginning to feather out, with 5 distinct yellow beaks. The nest is so crowded, I can see the babies’ heads above the sides of the nest.

phoebe chicks

phoebe chicks




Ah, hope! Here is my ironic photo of my seed catalogue order with the garden in the background. I was so deeply engrossed in looking at pretty plant pictures and descriptions that, for a moment, I thought I could walk out in the garden to begin planning plant placement. A look out the window returned me to reality.

I DO know spring is coming because

1. A raccoon has begun visiting the bird feeder each night,

2. it’s March, and

3. we have done the “spring forward” thing with the clocks.