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Declaration of Sentiments

I’ve just digitally submitted my two entries for an art quilt exhibition with the lengthy title: Declaration of Sentiments 1848 — The Struggle Continues. This Studio Art Quilt Associates regional show, with the theme of women’s rights, will be a part of the AQS Show in Paducah, KY September 13 -16, 2017. After that, it will travel to other venues until August 2020. The exhibit is juried, so there is no guarantee my two submissions will be chosen from among many other hopeful artist’s entries. Whether they are accepted or not, I have throughly enjoyed the process of making my entries…the research, the problem-solving and the adrenaline rush of beating the entry deadline. Here are my artist’s statements and photos of the works:

Glass Ceiling – Women are not equally represented in positions of power in government or business. Pay inequity persists. Today’s young women must work assertively but peacefully to break the glass ceiling and take their places beside men in the workforce.

Glass Ceiling

(detail) Glass Ceiling










(detail) Glass Ceiling

















Claiming Power – It took courageous people and many years to claim the rights American women now enjoy. A large figure, representing all women, marches with historic figures who promoted women’s rights. Text from the Declaration of Sentiments conveys the main ideas.

Claiming Power

(detail) Claiming Power


(detail) Claiming Power


R & R

I put some big checks on my bucket list in the past week, having just returned from a wonderful international trip. I did typical touristy things, but spent most of my time in huge, wonderful art museums. First on my list was Nymphéas at Musée de l”Orangerie — two oval rooms with eight enormous canvases of waterlilies painted late in Monet’s career. Musée d’Orsay took most of another day. On Friday, one of the days it is open late, I arrived when the doors opened and spent all day at the Louvre. Rembrandts, Da Vincis and lovely Vermeers; there is so much more to enjoy than the Mona Lisa. That should be enough images in my head to hold me for a while!

a lovely Vermeer

a lovely Vermeer

Rare Threads, fibersfantastic


It is always a thrill to have one’s art chosen to be on a show poster. My work “Moth and Rust — Sphinx” is in good company with some stellar fiber art works in the Jordan River Arts Council show. If you are anywhere near East Jordan, Michigan between September 23 and November 3, I think you will enjoy visiting this show. Fiber art is best seen “in person” because even good photography cannot convey the textural details of different fabrics or strands of fibrous material that are wrapped, woven, layered, or sewn together.

Good Question

I had a conversation with a family member about my current project, an art quilt that I want to enter in the upcoming Ohio Studio Art Quilt Associates show which has the theme: The View from Here.
I asked for input on a title for my work, which features an aerial view of the watershed of our local river and includes markings indicating 4 homes I have lived in within the map area. We played with the words for the watershed, the name of the river and homes. We came up with “Homes in Mohican”. The name is descriptive, factual, but for me lacked depth of meaning.
So I asked a better question: What is the artwork about that is universal at an emotional level? That’s the Good Question.
What the work really depicts is a personal journey that I share with many other humans and with salmon and salamanders. Salmon fight upstream to spawn their next generation before they die and salamanders return to the vernal ponds in which they hatched. Many humans also return to the geographic area in which they began. No other place on earth seems quite as much like home.

detail of “Back Home Again”


When one has several projects in progress…and everyone I know seems to…one must keep track of multiple items in the air and catch them at the proper time. That’s my mental picture of moving forward on three art pieces at once.
(1) I have two art quilts heading off to East Jordan, Michigan for the Jordan River Arts Council show: “Rare Threads — fibers fantastic”. The show runs from September 23 to November 3 and should be, well…fantastic. There are some big name stars of the art quilting world doing workshops. If you are an art quilter, or a fan of fiber artwork, check the details at
This afternoon I painted the rods that will be used to hang my submissions, so they can be packed for mailing tomorrow. (Photos below)
(2) I’ve finished the QSDS challenge due at the end of August, and I’m watching the calendar to post photos on the challenge site at the correct time.
(3) This morning I pulled out the file with my concept for a Studio Art Quilt Associates show with an entry deadline prior to the end of September. I finished the small design drawing today and pieced the background. Next step is an actual size drawing of the main subject that will be appliqued on top.

Heart Condition


Moth & Rust — Sphinx

Keeping up

It has been ages since I sat still long enough to post on this blog. I got stalled out last month when I could not find a photo of a little watercolor that I wanted to post because it sold at the Ashland University Coburn Gallery show. (Yay!)
I attended the International Quilt Festival in Cincinnati this past weekend, volunteering to sit at the Studio Art Quilt Associates booth to earn my ticket into the show. I find it gratifying that these major quilt shows have more space devoted to art quilts each year.
Tonight I made a quick decision to enter a local annual May Show at the Mansfield Art Center. It is a lovely jewel of a place but I have just recently begun to participate in activities there. The jurying process consists of bringing pieces to the venue, then waiting to hear whether you pick up the work the next weekend…rejection, or whether you are in. Accepted works are on display from April 29 and to June 10.
This coming weekend I’ll be going to the opening of the Creative Statements show of Ohio Art Quilts at the stunning Zanesville Museum of Art. I’m really excited to be part of this show and looking forward to meeting the juror, Kathleen Loomis. I was greatly pleased to receive the promotional postcard and see that a detail from my quilt was among the 5 images chosen for the card. Here’s the card:


This past weekend, I took time out from my in-progress projects to do a little charity project. Here’s “Bugzap”, my contribution for the Brazeere Contest which will be part of a fund raiser sponsored by American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. In March there will be a silent auction and voting…by monetary contribution…for the decorated bras. I hope two days of my sewing efforts bring in a good amount of money for this worthy cause.

Bugzap, for American Cancer Society fundraiser