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New Stuff

How we all love to buy ourselves new toys! I just had a lovely outing Saturday to do just that. At Half Price Books I found one book on drawing and painting portraits and two books on art as therapy. I like it that these volumes have valid information even though they are several years old. My next shopping stop was to make a long-anticipated major purchase of a new computer and graphic arts software. Learning to use the new OS and Adobe CS5 software is knowledge that won’t hold still like the stuff in those books. But always the adventure of learning is what keeps me interested and alive.


I’m still here

pony and goat kid

the babysitter

I’m still here, up to my eyebrows in work with four college classes.  I’m loving my photography class and carrying my camera everywhere. You see many more photo opportunities when you have your camera with you. I’ve included a cute shot I took one morning driving to class.


I just finished my first two courses in Digital Media Technology and there is a lot of new information stuffed into this old brain. I’m attaching the photo collage I created for an assignment in Image Manipulation Class. It was made in Photoshop from photos that I took on a ten-day safari in Africa a couple of years ago. It was a dream trip with 12 female traveling companions and not a whiner or princess in the group. I will spend some time in the next few days sorting and reviewing my class notes. This will help me set the new information in my mind and help me identify things I did not understand so I can find tutorials on websites like or to fill in those gaps in knowledge.

Old Dog

I am proving that an old dog can learn new tricks.  Even though I am beginning with very elementary exercises, I can sense the awesome power of the graphics programs I am learning in my Digital Media Technology couses. Decades ago when I first learned graphic arts, we literally did paste ups, cutting up little chunks of paper with text and graphics, waxing the backs of the pieces on a hot wax roller, carrying them back to the drawing board and pressing them in place. Things that took hours to accomplish back then can now be done with a few clicks of the  mouse. At least I’m not old enough to remember moveable type!

Time and Energy

I started my courses in Digital Media Technology this week. I now have to rethink my schedule. I have a limited amount of time and energy to allocate to activities in my life. By recording time on my current project, I have learned I can fit in more art time than I expected, even during the busy holiday season, because I chose to use every opportunity. That meant doing art before breakfast and instead of doing the dinner dishes, skipping a drive to the store, and working while my husband drove the car on our errands, and sometimes, sewing or painting instead of sleeping. I’ve modified one goal — not given it up, but delayed it — to concentrate on the immediate task of doing well in my classes. I’ll go as a spectator only to the Art at the Arnold event in Columbus, Ohio in March. I’ve chosen to scout out the event to consider participating next year instead of attempting participation this year and possibly missing a class session. I am continuing my prior commitment to develop my studio, planning to work on the project in the little chunks of time because that strategy has enabled me to finish my current project.