The “reveal” – is what they call it on those DIY TV shows. Here are the results of my snow dyeing experiment a few days ago.  Dyes, applied in powder form, liquify slowly as the ice melts creating unpredictable patterns with soft blends between the colors. The scrunched fabric below the dye powder and ice has hills and valleys. Colors concentrate as they pool in a valley or have a lesser effect where they roll off a raised portion of fabric. I waited (in suspense) for the requisite 24 hours, then rinsed out excess dye, machine washed, and ironed the fabric.

The powdered dyes in the first tub, with a piece of fabric about 45″ square, were Havana Brown, Orange and Yellow. You can see olive green in the fabric because the brown dye was a composite color that separated into the component colors, one of which was bluish. Blue + yellow = green. This fabric reminds me of geraniums.

snow dye in warm colors









Colors in the second tub, with two pieces of fabric, were Robin’s Egg Blue, Cyan Blue, and Black. Black was a composite color that had some reddish tones, so you see some purples in the resulting fabric. The larger piece of fabric is about 45″ square. The second photo shows the small piece of fabric laid atop the larger one and gives a hint about what it would look like if the fabric would be cut into segments and pieced back together.

snow dye cool colors

snow dye two pieces


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