Bird Rescue

as we found him

as we found him

Wednesday evening as I was returning home, I saw a hawk sitting inches from the white line at the edge of the road. I suspected he had been hit by a car. I pulled off the road and called Jan Ferrell (aka Mother of Orphans), who is a naturalist at Ohio Bird Sanctuary. Her advice was to throw a blanket over him and put him in a box in a dark quiet place overnight until the Sanctuary would open in the morning. I was less than a mile from home, so I called my sister to get a hawk-sized box and meet me in a few minutes. When we returned to the bird with blanket and box, other people were there also intending to rescue him. I was pleased to know others also cared to help. Since I already had blanket and box at the ready, I easily captured the dazed victim. He was surprisingly light and offered no resistance. He was still upright and alive in the morning, so we got him in to the Sanctuary shortly after it opened. Executive Director Gail Laux received him, confirming that he was a young male, underweight and with a few external parasites, but no broken appendages. I left him to the expert care at the Sanctuary, but have his case number so I can check on his progress. I was so glad to do my part to increase the little guy’s prospects for survival.

at Ohio Bird Sanctuary

at Ohio Bird Sanctuary


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  1. How wonderful of you Terry,

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