Close Enough

I think my first fabric collage is ready for tulle and quilting. It seems one can fuss around forever with final details. One has to decide when it is good enough, or a project will become yet another unfinished object. Taking pictures as I worked helped me identify my next moves. I revised the left eye for more symmetry.  The nose looked distressingly “piggy” to me, so I changed the shape. Based on my husband’s highly useful comment that they looked like raisins, I choose colored pencil over appliqued shapes for the nostrils. The chin and right cheek areas had extensive revision. Good enough.

I’ve used methods from Susan Carlson’s book Serendipity Quilts. I do not prefer her methods to ones I have developed over the last dozen years on my own, but I wanted to have a go at something a little different to see if I did like her methods better. Thank you, Susan for expanding my thinking. I’m using tulle at your suggestion. The photo is blue because I didn’t alter the color balance for daylight.



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