Just three

I have four fiber art projects actively in progress right now. That is one more than my self-imposed limit. I set the three-projects-only limit decades ago when my life was busy with a full-time job and school age children. The children are grown and on their own now, but the limit still helps prevent the anxiety of feeling I have more to do than I can accomplish.

Today as I put one project back on the shelf, I’m keeping out the three for which I have the greatest enthusiasm. The first project is constructed and being quilted, the second has piecing completed and I’m refining the design by painting details, and the third uses a technique which is new for me, fabric collage. 

Here’s an in-progress photo of the fabric collage, “Gardener”.  Just taking the photo gave me a fresh viewpoint and I see changes I want to make as soon as I get off this computer. I am having fun with the visual pun of roses in the cheeks and I’m enjoying fussy-cutting paisley for hair.

"Gardener", in progress

“Gardener”, in progress


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  1. Best yet!

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