I’ve been thinking about commitment to keeping a sketchbook. I always advised my students to keep one when I was teaching, but have not consistently done so myself. I have always drawn on individual sheets of paper or torn drawings out a my sketchbooks.  I file them by topic or project, or just as likely, let them lie around my various workspaces until I bury them under other stuff and lose them. Hmmm. That is the problem. My to-do list has two “Find sketch for…” items on it right now.

sketches from folders

sketches from folders

I like filing sketches by topic or project.
A sketchbook is chronological in organization. Can I combine organization by time and by topic with multiple topic-designated sketchbooks, or is this too complex to be practical?
I am searching for purse-sized sketchbook(s) that I will actually carry most all the time. I already own these two 8.5″ x 6″ sized possibilities. More importantly, I must designate places to keep drawings and sketchbooks so I can find them when desired or review them when I need a fresh idea for a new project. Since I thought about this idea about a month ago, I have been carrying the DaVinci sketchbook almost all the time, and have filled about four pages. I’ll update after more time and travel.




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