Fun vs Functional

Here are some results from last Saturday’s Dye Party and the days after spent rinsing, washing, and overdyeing. The question on my mind after the pure fun of dyeing fabrics in a sociable group setting is “Now, how can I USE this?” I have spent hours before falling asleep pondering this. The FUN, exciting stuff — spirals and bursts of color and fabrics with high contrasts of dark and light are hardest to use. I will collage and draw on top of this contrasty stuff.

tie dye spiral

tie dye spiral


tie dye starburst




black / brown overdye on blue / yellow

Much more FUNCTIONAL are the single color (grey, lavender, yellow-green) pieces and gently graduated two-color pieces.  (The yellow- green is behind the starburst fabric in the first photo.)

I did two overdyes to change contrasty fabric to more calm and useful.

Two pictures show the black/brown overdye on a “spotty” blue & yellow dyed fabric.

When I took this out of the second dyebath, it looked solid black. It was fun to see the blues and yellows gradually emerge as I rinsed out the excess overdye color.

two solid greys

two solid greys



before / after overdye


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