If you are not satisfied with something in your artwork, you never will be later. I know this from experience. Once you perceive a flaw, you will be unable to avoid your eye being drawn to it every time you look at the work. So, you must decide whether it is worth the effort of fussing and fiddling with your work to correct it or whether it is better to call it done and move on to the next thing.

I decided to fuss and fiddle with the upper edge of my fiber Elephant. I removed most of the border, ripped out 6 rows of parallel stitching at the top left corner and wiped away the marked lines. I re-sewed the upper border and the 6 lines to be more perfectly parallel. Now, I’m satisfied.

I added a sleeve for hanging with the work’s title, my name, location, date and size of the work. That’s like signing a painting for me. Done…long exhale.




un-sewing & erasing






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