Quilting an Elephant

I finished quilting the elephant image that I posted about last week. I still need to finish the border, sleeve and label. I commented to my sister, as I showed her the work-in-progress, that a quilted work takes three to five times longer for me to complete than an acrylic painting on primed canvas or hardboard. She responded with a question…”So, is it worth the extra time?” What a good question.

I think the answer is yes IF the image is stronger with the dimension that quilting adds. Quilted art is still unique in a way that watercolor or acrylic painting is not. But some images and ideas are just as effective or more appropriately done in paint alone.  So, I’ll continue to both paint and quilt.



6 responses to “Quilting an Elephant

  1. Can you wrap up and get warm with a painting on a canvas or a board?

  2. Good point…maybe warm on the inside if you like the painting?

  3. I love this! So life like. Did you ever figure anything out about the gauze you needed to use? I thought about using it for snow?!

  4. That is wonderful! You have such talent! I didn’t always see what you saw in your work when we both lived in Mobile, neither did I always appreciate it since I didn’t understand it. I’m remembering something with holes all in it…can’t really remember. But this…she, I think it is a she, the eyes make me think of a wise old matriarch. I thought it was a male at first but something is changing my mind. She is beautiful!

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