Time or Money

Time or Money is what I decided to title this hand-quilted traditional quilt.
I just took it off the bed to repair, revise, and add a label to it.

I began the quilt because my young daughter wanted me to buy a pastel fan quilt for her. I did not have the money to do so, so I told her that we could make one like it instead of buy it, but it would take a long time. A few years later, I finished the quilt, but my daughter had moved on to other interests. Because the quilt is enormous, touching the floor on three sides of our queen-sized bed, I’ve had it on my bed for over thirty years. I’ve replaced some fabric pieces because they fell apart and others because I think they detracted from the design. I now need to re-do the hand-quilting.

It is taking a long time, but I have so much time invested already, I must finish.
I gave myself a deadline by entering it in the local fair. I’ll post a finished picture when it is all done.






One response to “Time or Money

  1. Just keep on keeping on and one day it will be finished. Sure enjoyed having you down here with us on the retreat! Love, Barbara S.

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