I took a class on 3D quilting because I knew the teacher. Class participants machine-quilted fabric to felt. Then we cut, folded, and assembled pieces of this to make masks. When I got home from class, I added painted button eyes. They were a bit alarming, so the work languished on the unfinished projects stack for a while until I thought of solutions to both aesthetic and construction problems.

I needed to support and hang the mask. I cut an oval from foamcore and covered it in a snug sleeve of fabric. This gave me a lightweight rigid support on which I could add a picture hanging wire. I used brads to attach the wire, piercing them through the foamcore/fabric. I pounded the brads open with a hammer, then taped them with acid-free metallic tape on what would become the inside of the structure.

In order to sew the fabric mask to the support, I needed a neat finished edge for the uneven perimeter of the mask. I cut a sturdy, appropriately-colored strip of fabric, folded it in half, and sewed it to the mask. This made a binding that I could attach to the oval foamcore/fabric.

I purchased a cotton mophead. I dyed this the same color as the eyes, then unwound the four ply strands to look like hair … time consuming and messy!

Assembly involved hand-sewing the mask to the support with the hair enclosed in the seam. A curved needle was very helpful.  I entitled the result “Muse”.




One response to “3D

  1. I love this! Can we have a play date for sewing masks?

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