“Free” is my mother’s spirit. We lost my mother to cancer a few years ago. The cancer made her very jaundiced in the last two weeks of her life, hence the yellow woman. Her red hair is symbolic of all the stereotyped attributes of that physical feature: willfulness, courage, temper, and an eagerness to undertake adventure. Mom was “horse crazy” since her childhood. At her first opportunity to be on her own, while a college student in Texas, she bought her first horse. Over her lifetime, she owned dozens of horses and rode thousands of miles. She defined herself as a horsewoman. I envision her spirit riding free in an existence beyond this world.



My primary reference for the work is a bookplate my mother used to label her books, the books I knew from a very early age. Reading was another of Mom’s passions. Here’s the bookplate.

"Free" uses inktense in the background sky

“Free” uses inktense in the background sky

I try to learn something new with each fiber art project. This work used a inktense water soluble colored pencils. At our SAQA meeting June 20, one of the members shared a realistic work done by drawing with these pencils on fabric and shared the knowledge that the colors become permanent on fabric when wetted, dried, then heat set. The gradations in the sky are inktense on solid grey fabric. I’ll do more experimentation with Derwent Inktense pencils when colors in the project are not limited as they are in this Paint Chip Challenge. I’m also redoing and refining the “Free” concept in more fiber artworks.


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