Several months ago our small local quilt group presented a challenge to members. The work resulting from the challenge is due the second Monday of July. Deadlines motivate!

The Paint Chip Challenge consists of each member drawing two paint sample colors from an opaque container…with no peeking! By paint samples, I mean the little rectangles with paint colors that one sees where paint is sold. The participant uses the two colors she has chosen in a quilted piece. She can also include white, grey, or black, but no other colors.

paint chip challenge

paint chip challenge

My colors were a rich red “Taillight” and a vivid yellow “Hello Yellow”. I’ve used a concept that I have been thinking about for a long time for the design. “Free” is now assembled. In the second photo of it, I’m working on the quilting design using acetate and a dry erase marker. I should be done in the next few days and make the deadline with time to spare.

"Free" in progress

“Free” in progress










planning the quilting

planning the quilting


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