Porch Babies

I’m out and about again, feeling better. Picking strawberries and back to weeding the yard and garden. I found another vacated rabbit nest when I weeded under the apple tree.

While mama Phoebe was out foraging this morning, I peeked at her peeps. They are living on top of the ceiling fan on my front porch. I only look once a week. Four weeks ago I saw 5 tiny pale eggs laid, then there were two weeks of incubation with mama present almost all the time. They hatched last week – a mass of pink and grey that was uncountable. Today all babies look healthy, beginning to feather out, with 5 distinct yellow beaks. The nest is so crowded, I can see the babies’ heads above the sides of the nest.

phoebe chicks

phoebe chicks


One response to “Porch Babies

  1. Definitely a crowded nest…. rather amazing how the nests are constructed. . and I love the moss “woven throughout”. Also glad to see you’re doing better finally!

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