I’m still at home, too sick to resume a full schedule, so I was glad to have visitors this morning. The visiting doe and her fawn were in our front yard for at least fifteen minutes. Fawns do the same charming sideways leap that young goat kids do when they play. The word caper comes to mind. I was so entranced with watching the interactions of the two, I did not get the camera out until they were retreating back into the woods. They quietly disappear into the shadows.

I am missing the opening of Quilt National and the SAQA Symposium, but suspect my friends are having a grand time at the event. (Thanks to you Ohio SAQA members who shared their pictures.) I was determined to make good use of the day, so I tackled a box of papers that I have been procrastinating about sorting. I have the small pleasure of having achieved the goal I set for my day.


doe and fawn


One response to “Visitors

  1. So glad God send you the visitors to brighten your day. Hope you are feeling back to normal soon. Love, Barbara

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