Ready to quilt

“Soundwave”, the working title of this art quilt, now has the white layer of fabric fused on top of the pieced color strips to define the shape of the sound wave. This is my visual depiction of the first four notes of Beethoven’s fifth symphony: a rest, three quarter notes and a whole note. Play them in your head as you look.

Tomorrow I’ll decide the machine quilting design. The white fabric has a subtle design of swirling dots. I’m thinking of “C” shapes. I’ll draw until I figure out how to connect the shapes into a single continuous line. Then I will audition and practice the stitching on a scrap of the white fabric…drawing with thread.

Stitches combine top, batting, and backing layers into a single unit — the definition of a quilt — and add dimension and texture.

ready to quilt

ready to quilt


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