Frustration and Revision

I’m eager to get back to some of my in-progress art quilts, so I’ve been pushing to finish a bed quilt comprised of 64 ten-inch squares on which I practiced my free motion quilting. I just want this done and off my list of unfinished projects, to clear my space and my mind for more creative work.

I have spent most of two weeks joining the squares with pieced strips. With half the joining strips done, I realized it looked too busy. I hate undoing so many hours of work but know I’ll NEVER be happy with the project unless I revise the design. I have solid purple fabric which can replace some or all of the pieced strips.

Frustrated, I quit sewing to make deviled eggs, bake banana bread, read two more chapters of 3 Musketeers on my Kindle and study my French lessons. None of those activities resolve the sewing project design, but the diversion of attention will give me a better attitude tomorrow.


One response to “Frustration and Revision

  1. You’ll be much happier, in the long run, for taking the time to rework the quilt design – and it sounds like your plans to divert yourself are pretty great too.

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