Tucking tails

No reference to cowardice is intended when I refer to tucking tails. It is what I call the process of burying all the loose thread ends in between the layers of a quilt. I’m doing thread tucking as I finish “Kitestrings”, a quilt begun many years ago in a class I took on the technique called paper piecing.

The block design consists of a kite-shaped piece sewn diagonally across a 8” square paper foundation, then strips of fabric sewn parallel to the kite edges on both sides (now you understand quilt’s name). I used the same fabric and width of strip on either side of each kite and set the blocks so that each four adjacent blocks creates a star. I used up much of my of green and blue fabric, especially fabrics that would not work in other quilts or that I don’t even like. Visual chaos is avoided by using a calm solid green for the kites. A “zinger” fabric of vibrant teal adds energy.

I sketched potential designs for the machine quilting and chose one that required much starting and stopping. I grumbled at myself for making the work of so many thread ends to tuck. Now, looking at the finished quilting, it is the right choice. A continuous design or stitch in the ditch would not have enhanced the piecing. I intend to finish today by adding two lines of quilting around the outer border, the hanging sleeve, and a label. Here are two photos.



kitestrings detail

kitestrings detail


3 responses to “Tucking tails

  1. I absolutely love this quilt, Terry! The colors and the pattern just really resonate with me. Awesome work.

  2. Thanks. This year my artistic goal is to complete several unfinished works.
    I have two more bed-sized quilts to finish, two bed quilts to repair and many art quilts intended to enter in art shows and display on the wall. The latter are the most fun for me.

    • Best of luck with those projects. I need to do the same (with other projects, not quilts), but it’s much easier for me to think about than to actually accomplish!

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