stair rails

Terry & Steps 002They are not exactly art work, but were very challenging to design and time consuming to complete. I constructed hand rails for both outside entrances to my house. With the front porch railing, I had multiple distances between steps and wall of the house because of corner trim and siding. The distances were too close to swing a hammer or put a drill, yet too far away to comfortably reach from standing on the steps. I built out a spacer, then fixed the rail on brackets to bring it closer to the steps. The deck hand rail project involved creating a planter the height of the deck and sized to fit a plastic bin for flowers. The two vertical  legs of the box support the handrail.  Today I’ll finish cleaning my work area, sit back and enjoy the view of my handiwork. The red salvia attracts hummingbirds.

front porch

front porch




One response to “stair rails

  1. You’re a very talented artist and handy builder too. Nice railings and I love the flowers in the flower box you built.

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