in progress

I have way too many projects in progress. I think that is a common hazard of all creative people…ideas arising faster than we can put them into tangible form.

1. There is a flush of excitement at a new idea and the flurry of activity to capture it in some form…a note, a sketch, reference clippings, or collection of materials gathered in a box or folder.
2. Incubation follows. Can the idea be refined, embellished, made more universal or more specific? Can it be combined with another concept?
3. Next comes the work. The project changes during construction, with a conversation volleying between art object and creator.
4. Finally comes critical judgement and final tweaks, stepping back with a sigh and calling it done. Sometimes several times.
5. Then… dragging on a bit… the signing, varnishing, labeling, framing, photographing, writing about, cataloguing and sharing or promoting.

I’m actively working on just two things right now, a painting and a quilt. But deadlines loom and five other projects are nudging at my conscience.



One response to “in progress

  1. I love the painting, Terry.

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