A Very Good Day

Since it had rained last night, I did not need to begin the day tending plants, so I headed to the studio to paint. As I drove up to the studio I  alarmed a flock of wild turkeys and a whitetail doe. The doe gave me a clue by looking back instead of just fleeing. Hidden in the grass was her fawn…too young to run with her. I took a few photos, but the fawn flattened itself to the ground and I could not get a photo with the face visible. I wonder if fawns, like human young children, think you can’t see them if they can’t see you.

I spent most of the day painting “Wintercorn”, drawn from a photo I took about two years ago. I have imagined the image as an artwork for a long time.  So far, it is coming along nicely. As I worked until 7 p.m., my sweet husband cooked for both of us. My rat trap caught a chipmunk and is reset. I figured out where to plant the hostas. I picked asparagus and lettuce from the garden. I dutifully trotted on my treadmill and did not overeat. The clover, daisies, raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, iris and multiflora roses are in bloom. It is a good day.



in progress

in progress


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