Snow Rollers

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI had to drive about 15 miles to find some. I had heard on the news and seen in the newspaper that there were snow rollers in the area. They are naturally occurring snowballs made by very specific weather conditions: the ground must be covered by ice to which snow does not stick, the ice must be covered in wet loose snow with a temperature near the  melting point, and the wind must be strong enough to move the snow rollers, but not strong enough to blow them apart.

I found three clusters of them visible from the road, but all were in farmyards where I felt it would be intrusive to get out of my car and begin shooting photos.
I was rehearsing my speech, “Excuse me, can I take some pictures of your snow rollers?” I did spot some not near a home on a side road and there was a spot to pull my car off the road. They were only about 5″ tall…but available to photograph!




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