Winter Walk

When sunshine flooded in my window this morning and a saw the million sparkles on the snow, I knew I had to get outside to take some pictures with my new camera. Yes, the temperature was 8 degrees F, but I have silk long johns, Smartwool socks, waterproof hiking boots, and can bundle polar fleece around my head and face so just my eyes peek out. With permission from Mohican Outdoor School, the caretakers of the property, I hiked to Pipes Falls and Hemlock Falls because I suspected the several days of frigid weather would create quite a build-up of ice. The ice was there, but the light was not at the angle I wished. I clicked off a few shots anyway.
Alas, now I know the limitations of the battery life of my camera and that it will take exactly three photos after I get the little red empty battery icon. I’m awaiting the next sunny afternoon and my battery is recharged!

Pipes Falls

Pipes Falls


One response to “Winter Walk

  1. Cold really zaps batteries. I took a class a couple years ago about photographing in cold weather. Besides carrying a 2nd, fully charged, battery along with you, the other hint I came away with was to wrap your camera in a plastic bag before you came inside to the warmth, to avoid condensation on the cold surfaces.

    Your photos are lovely! Even without the light being at the angle you were hoping for.

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