upside down  was the answer

upside down
was the answer

I had an inspiration related to my ongoing resolve to de-clutter my life and the spaces in which I live. I had inherited some shelves which seemed too ornate for my taste. But while I relaxed soaking in a steaming bathtub, I suddenly knew that, inverted, they would be perfect to organize hair care products, manicure tools, and various containers on the tub edge and beside the sink. Here are the shelves installed. I can display my goat motif cups. The glasses holder beside the pill container reminds me to take my pills when I put away or put on my glasses. The dental floss is residing next to the nasal spray because I use both before bed. The harmonica is available for practicing in privacy where I won’t disturb others with the sound. And, hurrah, hurrah, my tub edge and sink surround are clutter free!


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