Deer watching

synchronized eating

synchronized eating

At noon I was ready to head to the studio to paint, but had a deer delay. Six does were digging for greenery as they traversed our yard. I did not want to disturb them because it is still gun hunting season and I did not want to drive them toward public hunting land. Here are a couple of photos. You can see how close they are to our deck – The corner of the deck obscures the nose of the center doe. Wildlife watching — I love to live here!

December 8,2013

December 8,2013


One response to “Deer watching

  1. Exciting! (At least as long as they’re not munching on coveted garden plants!) We don’t get deer, presumably because of our dogs, since we see them nearby and otherwise have good habitat for them. Occasionally I’m lucky enough to see a coyote or jackrabbit, though.

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