Oh no! I did not mean to do this.

So many unfinished projects…I can’t believe I started a new one.
I promised myself, no new projects until I finish more of my in-progress ones.
But I started “Spot marks the X” because I’m anticipating my first grandchild.
What self-respecting quilter doesn’t make a baby quilt for such an event?

I needed something fast and simple, a project I could whip up in just a few days. To save time, I looked for a pattern in a quilt magazine instead of drafting my own. In Fons & Porter I found an easy two-fabric nine-block with sashings and border…a big bold asterisk in each block. Easy peasy, just lose the cornerstones in the sashing, use my own fabric stash instead of buy more fabric…I had lots of dotted fabric. A little more math to make that change. Then I thought…pieced would be better than fused applique on a quilt that would be washed often, so I drafted a pieced block for the asterisk. Hmmm 12 pieces for each block. I could simplify to an X, that’s only 7 pieces. But not a boring straight-seam X, it must have jaunty, harder-to-piece curved seams. After a whole day of effort, I’d pieced all nine blocks.

When I pinned them to the design wall, I did not like the color. I’m changing three blocks so it will be just yellow, black, and white. I pulled fabric options for changing three X’s and for a simple pieced back that I had drawn. Many dotted fabric pieces are too small for the backing design I planned. Now that design must be more complex to use the fabric available. Aaaarg!

Spot marks the X

Spot marks the X

The bottom line: no project is ever as simple as it seemed before you began to work on it.


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