Alabama Summer Night

This quilt is finally done…I hand quilted, so it took a long time. The idea for this project came while I was at a friend’s home when I lived in Mobile, Alabama. We were playing with paintsticks and acrylic paint on fabric and looking through my friend’s collection of quilt books. We whooped with laughter when we came across a photo of a quilt by Rosemary Penfold entitled “Quilt for a Hot Night” in the book Quilting Masterclass by Katharine Guerrier. It was made of colorful strips, but ventilated with holes. Soon after that night, my friend and I attended a retreat with other dear ladies of the Azalea City Quilt Guild. We knew I would be moving away from Mobile soon, so my friend conspired with the other ladies to have each donate small pieces of fabric to me. From those gifts of fabric, I sewed my own version of the ventilated quilt and call it Alabama Summer Night. The most difficult construction problem was getting the connecting strips to stay parallel and evenly spaced while I sewed them to the pieced strips. It brings fond memories of people that I miss dearly and expresses the humor that I find  inherent  in thinking about quilts made in such a hot climate.

quilt with colorful strips

Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot
Alabama Summer Night


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