Everything is growing rapidly now that it is warm outside. It is an overwhelmingly busy time for gardeners with tasks to-do that far exceed the time and energy available to accomplish them. One dilemma for this gardener is that she also loves to ramble in the woods to enjoy the spring ephemeral flowers and migrating songbirds. The dilemma part is that I can’t be doing both gardening and hiking at once. Here is a wildflower favorite of mine, Dicentra cucullaria or Dutchman’s breeches, that I photographed last weekend. When I returned to the woods only a few days later, these blooms were all done. There were still many spring beauty, two varieties of trillium in bloom, and the jack in the pulpit.

But now I must get off the computer and back to mulching and fertilizing my blueberry plants and preparing to plant a half dozen more plants. The established plants are in bloom now. As I weed and dig around the area, in my head I am designing supports for netting to keep the fruit for myself instead of sharing it with the birds.



2 responses to “Ephemerals

  1. Ah, I love the spring ephemerals! I’ve been able to establish a Jack-in-the-pulpit, false Solomon’s seal, Solomon’s seal, and a small bit of mayapple in my gardens here. Then I don’t have to choose between seeing the flowers and gardening!

  2. A beautiful wildflower….have fun in the garden….

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