me with cast

me with cast

Here’s evidence of my latest adventure.
Yesterday, I was leading a hike to a lovely frozen waterfall on a narrow rocky trail with sixteen youngsters following me. I had just demonstrated how to descend an icy slope safely…walk with feet placed at right angles to angle of slope, move slowly and carefully, grasp handy foliage… when down I went. I slid down the short steep incline on my rear end, then hopped up and quipped, “or go down really fast, which I do not recommend.” Very embarrassing. By the time I got back to the lodge my wrist was slightly swollen and starting to ache.
Today I did not really get a diagnosis from the doctor as to whether my left wrist has a break or a sprain, but the treatment is the same, immobilization. I am amazed to be made aware of how many things I do with my non-dominant hand. My newly-applied cast does allow me to type on the keyboard, but it is tiring holding up the weight of the cast over the keyboard.
Life remains full of surprises!


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  1. Heal quickly!

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