Sewing boxes

There is something intrinsically satisfying about cleaning storage shelves and boxes and neatly replacing my treasures in the freshly cleaned spaces.
I just sorted my sewing items, integrating sewing supplies recently inherited from my mother. I appreciate each of the items I’ve chosen to keep.
Most of what I saved is practical, so I placed those items with their kin and labeled the shelf or box so I can find them easily: velcro, buttons, pins, thread, zippers.
But others items have history: the snippet of lace left from sewing the ring bearer pillow that was carried down the aisle at my wedding, a remnant from curtains made for the camper which brings to mind summer horseback rides, flannel with a print of tiny bears that reminds me of my son as a toddler, sturdy metal zippers frugally cut from well-worn jeans.
In my Mother’s things, I found thread so old it was on wooden spools. I saved those for decoration. The tattered box that held pinking shears and the thread labels marked 10c, and rusty antique hand-sewing needles, I set aside for a sewing-themed collage.
It has been a day well spent.


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