Naked Stick Blues

I read those three words as the title of a column in the newspaper. The article detailed the author’s depression as the beautiful colors of tree foliage disappeared in November leaving naked sticks of trees. The mood of loss and gloom is heightened by grey skies.
The phrase has been in my head for days now and seems an excellent title for a painting. Here are two of my photos I’m considering as the basis for such a painting.

naked sticks fog

naked stick blues


3 responses to “Naked Stick Blues

  1. Hi Terry, funny how some words stick with you. Sounds like a great idea for a painting…or a song! How are you? Art Bee is making round quilts for the Maritime Museum, dealing with the water and Mobile. I’ve got to get busy on mine – tall ships.

  2. Terry, your photos are really great. BUT, I do feel sorry for the person who wrote the original article. As I see the leaves fall from the trees I always see new buds on the branches, sometimes they are hard to find, but eventually I do see them! It is these that I turn to and watch as they slowly grow through the darkness of winter. Once the light gets stronger the blossoms bloom and life begins anew. Just tought I would mention this as an alternative. Seeing “life” in the “death” of winter!

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