Home again

wind turbines

I just returned from a vacation to South Dakota and Minnesota, seeing America’s heartland of flat to rolling terrain and thousands of acres of farmland. I was saddened to see the drought evident in whitened cornstalks and grass that crunches underfoot.
But, I was encouraged to see many wind turbines and ethanol manufacturing facilities producing energy alternatives to fossil fuel. I often feel like I am only a small voice crying out for my fellow Americans to be wise enough to use non-polluting, renewable energy sources, and fear my voice is drown out by powerful organizations that profit by use of fossil fuel energy.
I just began a new job teaching at an outdoor school. I’ll be teaching upper elementary and high school age students about biology, ecology, survival skills, history, and the scientific method. This could be a way to amplify and extend the reach of my ecologically conscientious small voice to many people of the upcoming generation.


One response to “Home again

  1. Have fun with the teaching! Sounds like a great job.

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