Throwback Cucumbers

throwback cucumbers

I’ve been gardening for years. I am always delighted to learn something new…and I do every year. This year’s surprise are these cucumbers. Yes, that is what they are.
I got busy in the spring and ran out of time to get enough raised beds built to accommodate all the seedlings I had started. (I need to learn to just kill ’em when they’re young!) It was getting so late in the spring, I just dug a few holes in the herb/flower bed and stuck in the last few viney seedlings to get them in the ground. They were labelled cucumbers. They looked so strange when they began to fruit, I thought I had misremembered and put in cantelope, so I just kept watering and feeding them. At the end of August they still did not have the expected skin texture of a cantelope, so I picked one and cut it open. It IS a cucumber. It tastes fine, but is very pale fleshed and seedy. I must have saved seeds from a hybrid instead of an heirloom variety…it’s a throwback to one odd-looking parent. But they are the harvest I reared to adulthood this year, so I’m not throwing them back, I’m eating them.


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