Good Question

I had a conversation with a family member about my current project, an art quilt that I want to enter in the upcoming Ohio Studio Art Quilt Associates show which has the theme: The View from Here.
I asked for input on a title for my work, which features an aerial view of the watershed of our local river and includes markings indicating 4 homes I have lived in within the map area. We played with the words for the watershed, the name of the river and homes. We came up with “Homes in Mohican”. The name is descriptive, factual, but for me lacked depth of meaning.
So I asked a better question: What is the artwork about that is universal at an emotional level? That’s the Good Question.
What the work really depicts is a personal journey that I share with many other humans and with salmon and salamanders. Salmon fight upstream to spawn their next generation before they die and salamanders return to the vernal ponds in which they hatched. Many humans also return to the geographic area in which they began. No other place on earth seems quite as much like home.

detail of “Back Home Again”


One response to “Good Question

  1. Great title for your quilt. I would have suggested what Dorothy said: ” There’s No Place Like Home” but I like your title better. Happy Quilting!!!!!

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