“Wheels” is the working title of this 12″ x 12″ piece that I am putting together for the QSDS challenge for which I signed up a month ago. All challenge participants work from the same source photos, then their diverse interpretations will be assembled and viewed in a public show. It is the first time I’ve used two products: Lite Steam-A-Seam2 and Jacquard ExtravOrganza. I pieced a background from purchased print material and a solid-color green fabric on which I drew with marker. I ironed Steam-A-Seam on the back of another piece of solid-color fabric, drew the wheels and painted them with Golden acrylic paints. I cut out the wheels with scissors, removed the protective paper from the Steam-A-Seam and positioned the painted fabric+fusible on my pieced background. I liked the slightly tacky Steam-A-Seam that held the two layers together as I sewed them. I added batting and backing, then machine-quilted through all layers, tucking loose thread ends with a self-threading needle as I sewed. I’m completing the binding and label now. I printed the original source digital photo on the ExtravOrganza for the label, so it stays with the finished work. Here is the source photo and my work in progress.

agricultural machinery parts with green paint and rust

source photo


fabric artwork

wheels in progress


3 responses to “Wheels

  1. Love this – the fabrics you chose really compliment the design! I also really like your idea of printing the source photo on the label … now there’s a thought … =D

    • The source photo on the label would work better on a more opaque fabric; I just used what I had handy in the studio. There are four works in this challenge, so I’ll test drive different brands of fabric prepared for ink-jet printing.

  2. Very lovely! colors are so wonderful.

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