I heard the distinctive “thunk” sound yesterday morning. I knew a bird had hit the living room window. I grabbed my camera and my bird identification book.
It was an ovenbird, a little sparrow-sized warbler.
I scooped it up gently and moved it from the porch to the mulched area near the house. The bird revived after about 5 minutes and hopped behind the ferns. We have no prowling cats in the area, so I did not observe the bird further. It was gone when I checked in the afternoon.
I treasure these glimpses into the diversity of life and try not to interfere too much…but I will make the sacrifice of closing my window shade on one side so that birds can’t see through my house and think they can safely fly through the space.
bird held in hand


2 responses to “Thunk

  1. Thank you for watching out for God’s little creatures….

  2. What a beauty! So glad that it survived it’s clash with the window.

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