Small Measures of Success

I saw an indigo bunting in the garden today. This bird was a stunning sparkle of bright blue against the backdrop of green plants with bright yellow and purple flowers. I’m not sure which of the plants attracted him or his preferred food sources. He must find his basic needs for food, shelter, and water among my mixture of native wildflowers, purchased perennials, and grass.

When I water the sunny steep bank with a little plastic ring that makes a lovely small fountain, it always brings all the robins in the neighborhood who come for a splashy shower. If I put the fountain waterer on the mowed lawn, the robins hop about listening for worms that are forced to the surface.
I’m gradually planting more flowers to appeal to hummingbirds, which are always a delight to spot. They will hover to sip from pendulous blooms. They are fiercely territorial and dive bomb one another to defend their feeding places.

Because I garden for the creatures as well as for myself, I take the presence of my bird visitors as a compliment to my success as a gardener. The birds are living moving jewelry in the landscape that I nurture.


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