I had a wonderful class experience this past weekend at Quilt Surface Design Symposium on the campus of the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, OH. I took the class “Seat of the Pants Construction (of Art Quilts)” taught by Cynthia Corbin. Our teacher encouraged each student to develop in her own direction, a trait of good teaching. As is usually the case, there was much to be learned from the fellow students and the entire environment of the event in addition to what was specifically taught by the teacher.
Today I’m writing out notes and thoughts generated by the entire experience.
I must review and sort my ideas so I can put them in a format and place so they are retrievable when I am ready to use them.
I prefer touchable paper files that I can hold in my hands or spread out on a table. I have alphabetized files by artist name for information about my fellow artists including email and websites. I can do follow-up study of the work of that artist and/or correspond with him or her. Other files are for techniques and project ideas. Tomorrow I’ll download my photos and get prints of images that illustrate visual ideas. These will be stored with related notes.
The two unfinished projects from the workshop must be either finished while the idea is “hot” or filed with adequate notes to revive the flame of interest when I have time to resume the project. Some materials will be set aside for project completion;  unchosen items go back in to my system for storing raw materials.
I don’t think organization comes easily to artists because divergent rather than linear thinking is a trait of creativity. But an organization system reduces stress each time it enables one to find information and materials when needed.


One response to “QSDS

  1. Sounds like you’ve got a great organizing system down. I clip/tear out photos from magazines of garden ideas that I want to copy…but I’m not always good about getting them filed! Ditto on other projects I run across. One of these days….. (My mantra, I’m afraid!)

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