Effort to Reward Ratio

One of the guiding principles for my decisions about how to spend the precious hours of any given day is my “effort-to-reward” rating. It applies to housework, cooking, gardening and creating art. Housework: laundry is always multitasked with something more important; moving clothes in and out of the washer or dryer provide a break from manual labor in the yard; sorting and folding are low energy/low brainpower tasks that are part of my relax-before-bedtime routine. Cooking: If there are four pork chops in the package and only two people to eat them, cook all of them and meal preparation another time is just a reheat. Gardening: food plants rate more fussy care than ornamentals; perennials get double dug enriched soil and regular fertilizer, while annuals get only what they need to live out the season looking pretty. Creating art: Is the piece…practice for skill improvement or a showpiece for exhibition that will enhance your artistic reputation? …is the topic just looking pretty or is there depth of meaning you wish to convey?


One response to “Effort to Reward Ratio

  1. I’m with you totally until you get to the art part…and then I wonder if you always know the level of the final product before you get there. Wouldn’t there be instances when you found that a piece you didn’t expect to have be special turns out to be extraordinary?

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