Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

It’s a trite truism, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”.
I am grateful to my network of art friends for encouraging me to enter the Mansfield Art Center May Show. I thought I had missed the deadline. I had decided I was too busy to find or take photos, then size, correct and send them digitally. My art buddies told me I still had time to enter because entry was done by taking the work to the exhibition site at 700 Marion Avenue in Mansfield, Ohio…about a 45 minute drive from my house…and that entries were accepted until 8 p.m. that evening.
I rounded up two works and got them in before the deadline.
Friday, I received the happy news that the works were not only both accepted, but that my art quilt won the George Biddle Award for innovative use of material.
What a boost to my confidence to get such a validation.
So, if you are hesitating to take a risk or to put yourself into a competitive situation, remember it is TRUE that you have NO chance to win a prize if you don’t try for it.


3 responses to “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

  1. Great words of wisdom and CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

  2. Congratulations, Terry!!! (And how lucky you are to have such a supportive and encouraging group of art friends!)

  3. I am so happy for you Terry,, and you give me hope and desire to get going on the 2 quilts I’ve been dragging my feet about …..ASAP!

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