Here is my work that will be displayed in the Creative Statements, Ohio Art Quilts 2012 show that is opening tomorrow. I had a really bad photo of a charming curious goat which I found amusing. I wanted to capture the personality of the friendly creature. As I drew the design, I used several other color photos to revise the color of the coat and added horns, knowing that many non-farmers would not recognize the animal as a goat without horns. I simplified shapes so the image could be done with a minimal number of raw applique pieces. I spent many hours drawing and shading the forms with Tsukneko colored inks. Triangles jutting into the picture plane from the border, converging quilting lines, and cast shadow on the background fabric add depth.
I really had fun making this happy piece and am pleased I can share the image at this show. It is in the company of works done by artists who are far better known than I am. If you are in Ohio before July 6, I hope you can attend this SAQA sponsored show at the impressive Zanesville Museum of Art.


2 responses to “Goatkiss

  1. I love that goat.

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