Somewhere in my upbringing I was taught the great value of things that are useful, not merely decorative. It has been a struggle to value my art because of this strongly ingrained belief. So, during my journey to become skilled at free motion quilting, I’ve been thinking about what useful things can be made from my practice pieces. The hot pads and place mats were obvious, but how many of these can one really use?
I thought of the pans in my cupboard, especially since we just bought a new pan recently to replace one that had a worn non-stick coating. I don’t want to eat flecks of that non-stick stuff, so I usually separate stacked non-stick pans in the cupboard with kitchen towels so they don’t beat each other up as I take pans in and out. So my new design is a pan protector. I measured the pans and came up with a large and small version. It is basically a hexagon that fits within the flat bottom of the pan with six wings that protect the sloped edges. I designed and cut out four this morning and added them to my stack of little sandwiches.

pan protectors


2 responses to “Practicality

  1. Great idea! I don’t like to quilt stuff that I can use. But when you practice there’s not much you can do with the pieces. I might try your idea.

  2. Great idea, Terry! How have they turned out?


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