Preparing for Success

I’m preparing now for my 2012 New Year’s resolution. My goal is to become skilled at free-motion quilting. For non-quilters, this means machine sewing with the feed dogs down, so that the little teeth that usually move the fabric under the needle are disabled and the movement of the project under the needle is controlled only by the quilter maneuvering the fabric with his or her hands. Those skilled in the technique all repeat the same advice: “practice, practice, practice”.
So, I have spent the past two weeks sewing more than sixty four 10.5 inch squares with a purple circle centered on a green square. Next, I’ll be sewing three pale-colored fabric strips to make more 10.5 inch squares. I’ll baste pairs of the two types of squares around batting to make 64 little quilt sandwiches on which to practice my free-motion quilting. I used my recently-made eight foot by eight foot design wall to decide how to arrange the squares to become a bed quilt. The project already has a name: “Thanks, Dot”, to honor the faithfulness of my mother’s lifelong friend who went by the name Dot.
I’ve saved the circles of green fabric, which I cut away when assembling the dot-on-square pieces. These will be sandwiched around batting and circles cut from a salvaged (heat-resistant) ironing board cover fabric. These will make lots of round hot pads, and give me yet more practice pieces for free-motion quilting. Oops, did I give it away what everyone on my gift list will receive in 2012?

fabric circles centered on squares

"Thanks, Dot" pinned to design wall


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  1. Sounds so complicated…..

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