The final touch, the seal of approval, the ritual of completion  – that is how I think of the signature. I always save it for last. In a painting, I consider carefully where to place it. I don’t want to detract from the illusion I have created in the image, so I make it subtle. The viewer should have to look for my signature, and smile at his small victory in finding it and at my cleverness for making it both hidden and legible. In my fiber works, signing is the sewing on of a fabric label on the back of the art quilt. I usually design my text for the label on the computer, print it, then trace it with indelible ink onto fabric that blends or coordinates with the fabric of the backing.
This evening I finished “Wool Collar”, and savored the ceremony of making the last stitch that affixed the label to the finished work. Wool Collar is a portrait of my daughter wearing a lovely thing that she made from wool. Here she is:

image of fiber art work

Wool Collar


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